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Bookkeeping & Tax

We developed a four-part bookkeeping system capability framework centered on people, processes, technology, and security, enabling us to provide our clients with financial advisory services.
Our four-part capability framework enables us to provide a consistent and reliable bookkeeping service. This revolves on best PEOPLE, (experienced team), PROCESSES (established procedures that ensures consistent checking for accuracy and completeness), TECHNOLOGY (utilize and leverage technology to the fullest extent to deliver timely information without sacrificing quality of work), and SECURITY (a secure work environment). Following are monthly scope of work in order for us to provide our clients with a reliable information:
  • Recording of transactions correctly
  • Reconciliation and analysis of bank account/s, credit card account/s, payroll wages and taxes, loans and other applicable balance sheet accounts
  • Check accuracy of accounts receivable and accounts payable account by analyzing the application of collection and bill payments to the appropriate invoice and bills created.
  • Revenue and expense trend analysis
  • Complete balance sheet analysis