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Client Industries

We help our clients face their business challenges beginning with customized bookkeeping and advisory solutions focus on increasing financial visibility and mitigating risks unique to their business.

Medical and Dental Practice

In the dynamic economic environment of healthcare, medical and dental group management must generate and analyze cost data to determine the operating status of its practice and to implement effective cost management and profit strategy. 
How can we help you?
  • Establish cost analysis for accurate costing, cost control, variance identification and asset protection. 
  • Capital budgeting and acquisition
  • Fraud and compliance, control procedures, check and balance
  • Benchmarking
  • Accountability perspectives
  • Managing cash flows 
  • Proper control over cash
  • Cost-volume-profit  analysis to determine breakeven points


Are you an architect, engineer, or contractor? We know how hard you want to protect your profits and keep your competitors away.
We can provide you with a variety of financial and management advisory services to safeguard your assets and complement your business objectives to grow. 
How can we help you?
  • Analyze cash flow activities and prepare you cash budget to ensure you have cash when you need it
  • Plan your job profitability by controlling costs to increase margins.
  • Advise on managing risk to protect your business.
  • Construction costs vis-à-vis progress billing analysis


We recognize that manufacturing clients face fierce competition and must continuously improve to compete in their markets. We assist clients in identifying key indicators that affect their manufacturing operations.
Our industry experience can help you solve problems, seize opportunities, and deliver services to meet your specific needs.
How can we help you?
  • Analyze business internal controls in production
  • Study cycle time reduction to minimize costs
  • Advise on sales projections and operations planning
  • Recommend internal controls & budgeting
  • Assess system control and implementation

Franchising Services

Franchise owners want to work with people who care about their business. We have created services designed to assist the information system needs of franchisors and franchisees.
Our Team provides personal attention backed by experience in helping companies grow. We work closely with clients to bring innovative solutions tailored to meet specific goals.
How can we help?
  • Development of a chart of accounts, information system, and statistics to be used by all franchisees.
  • Development of internal systems that reflect accountability, while reducing administrative efforts.
  • Consolidation of information by region, territory, or nationally, based on consistent methods.
  • Comparative information by store, region, territory, or nationally.
  • Training of franchisees at franchisor’s site to assist the franchisor in addressing concerns, which are most important to franchisees.
  • A systematic approach to bookkeeping

Food and Beverage Services

Our Team understands your business, your costs, and your competitive pressures.
Our experience in the industry has enabled us to design bookkeeping practices that complement your need to gather information.
How can we help you?
  • Analyze your costing of food and beverage to improve pricing
  • Prepare segment information such as food and beverage
  • Analyze wastage costs by comparing actual usage and theoretical usage of raw materials
  • Analyze operational control compliance
  • Recommending inventory control procedures
  • Prepare cash flow budgeting


If you are a retailer, you know that it’s not easy to maintain that your business stays successful all the time. You need every advantage. You need professional help from a firm that is really familiar with your industry.
Our professionals work with diverse retail companies and have designed a system that is suited to the industry.
How can we help you?
  • Analyze your product costing 
  • Breakeven analysis 
  • Study your business by segregating costs per product or other performance indicators
  • Analyze your business controls
  • Recommend internal controls on your inventory movements


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